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“Since the very objective of church music is the glorification and admiration of God as well as the consecration of Christians, it cannot be accomplished without our worship of eternal God, – Prayer. It is simply through our uninterrupted day-to-day worship, that all activities and events will follow.”

These are the words of the late P. Gereon Goldmann OFM, the founder of “St. Gregory House” when he started this institution. Since then, the activities of the House have adapted the spirituality and liturgy of The Order of Benedict.

Since 1993, the House has operated under a close relationship with St. Ottilien Archabbey, Germany. In 1994, the House formed a prayer group, with which weekend divine office has been maintained. Currently, the House hosts over 30 Oblates recognized by St. Ottilien Archabbey.

Liturgical Activities and Schedule

Saturday 6:00 PM: VESPER in Latin
Saturday 8:15 PM: Compline in Latin
Sunday 10:30 AM: SUNDAY MASS with Gregorian Chant
Sunday 8:15 PM: Compline in Latin

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