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◆ Choir – Cappella Gregoriana

Cappella Gregoriana was commissioned to maintain and propagate the treasure of traditional church music in Japan. Its purpose is to conduct research as well as to perform church music in Japan.

In order to achieve the purpose of church musicCappella Gregoriana pursues the role of the music in religious ritual and performs it under the liturgical framework of the Catholic church.

Since its foundation in 1986, Cappella Gregoriana has been singing mainly Gregorian chant in Sunday Masses.

In addition, it sings Psalm Antiphona in Japanese, as well as other new musical attempts consistent with the Catholic tradition.

◆ Favorito

In addressing a wider scope of religious music beyond the choir services in masses, a new professional vocal ensembleFavorito, was formed in 1989. It intends to address a higher technical level requirement for choral music in general, as well as to stimulate and enhance the level of Cappella Gregoriana.

Favorito collaborates with Cappella in joint concertsand recordings of its performance for general distribution.

Conductor: Veronika Chikako Hashimoto
Rehearsals: Every Sunday afternoon

◆ Pubulication

Gregorian Chant CD recordings and distributionas an effort of archiving and penetration in Japan.

In Nativitate Domini (1988)
Conductor: Yoshio Mizushima

Adventus / In Epiphania Domini (1991)
Conductor: Roman Banwart OSB

In Passion Domini (1994)
Conductor: Godehard Joppich

In Resurrectione Domini (1996)
Conductor: Godehard Joppich

命響<MEIKYO> (2000)
Shomyo, Gagaku and Gregorian Chant

Liturgia Defunctorum (2002)
Conductor: Godehard Joppich

Gregorianische Gesänge – 2 Messen (2009)
Conductor: Godehard Joppich

Gregorianische Gesänge (2012)
Conductor: Godehard Joppich

◆ Research paper publication

The music and the theology in early Franciscan Order <2003>

Early Franciscan Order and Lauda / Akihiro Iyoku OFM
– Cortona Ms.91 / Yuri Sugimoto

 It is important for Francis of Assisi  to celebrate the Divine Offices and the Mass,and to pray privately. He composed some religious poems,especially  the Canticle of the Creatures. He frequently has sung songs in vernacular. Also the early Franciscans  would have sung everwhere in such manner. Their influences have spread through central Italy. Cortona was one of such cities where Franciscans did their apostolate. Brother Elia built a church which was dedicated for St. Francis. This church was the center of their apostolate. Like Francis,they preached at public square,streets, and sang the praise to God. Thus, early Franciscans activities gave great influence to the people in cities. The Lauda that was sung not by the latin, but by vernacular has been influenced by the Franciscans. It may be said that St. Francis of Assisi has inspired to the formation of confraternity at Cortona, and the composition of Lauda.

Research Papers II <2006>

Rhymed Office for St.Francis / Yuri Sugimoto
– Violists at the time of aurora in the French viola tradition and their works. / Shigenori Sennari
– The Basso continuo playing in Penne’s “Li primi albori musicali,terza parte” / Yuri Ban

Rhymed Office for St.Francis
This paper is a semiological approach to versified Office composed by Julian of Spyer,the German Franciscan who brought this genre to its peak of development and perfection. This examination is based on Rosenthal codex (Sankt Anne Klosterbibliothek 12) and Sankt Gallen Stiftsbibliothek Codex 389.

Violists at the time of aurora in the French viol tradition  and their works
This essay is conscientiously discussed on the violists and their works up to the time of M. Maraisespecially focussed to N. Hottman, Du BuissonSte-Colombe and their newly found works around 1980.

The Basso continuo playing in Penne’s ” Li primi albori musicali, terza parte”
“Li primi albori musicali” (1672Bologna) by Penna, the Carmelite, is one of the most eminent treatise in the latter half of the seventeenth century. This article will provide a description of what he writes about basso continuo playing.

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